Donkey Lays

Monthly Profits

+£50,857.00 (508.57pts)

pfeilsmall Nov 2019 +£2,655.00 (26.55pts)
pfeilsmall Oct 2019 +£9,587.00 (95.87pts)
pfeilsmall Sep 2019 +£4,413.00 (44.13pts)
pfeilsmall Aug 2019 -£1,628.00 (-16.28pts)
pfeilsmall Jul 2019 -£3,353.00 (-33.53pts)
pfeilsmall Jun 2019 +£3,409.00 (34.09pts)
pfeilsmall May 2019 -£4,530.00 (-45.30pts)
pfeilsmall Apr 2019 +£527.00 (5.27pts)
pfeilsmall Mar 2019 +£1,570.00 (15.70pts)
pfeilsmall Feb 2019 -£1,459.00 (-14.59pts)
pfeilsmall Jan 2019 +£2,736.00 (27.36pts)
pfeilsmall Dec 2018 +£5,236.00 (52.36pts)
pfeilsmall Nov 2018 +£10,111.00 (101.11pts)
pfeilsmall Oct 2018 +£2,149.00 (21.49pts)
pfeilsmall Sep 2018 +£7,406.00 (74.06pts)
pfeilsmall Aug 2018 +£2,581.00 (25.81pts)
pfeilsmall Jul 2018 +£6,285.00 (62.85pts)
pfeilsmall Jun 2018 +£3,067.00 (30.67pts)
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Donkey Lays are the product of a laying method that focuses on laying horses on Betfair. Horses are layed on the Win Market and the Place market. Over the last 18 months the Win lays have shown a profit of 297,01 points profit with a steady strike rate of 60%, achieving an average return of approx. 17 points per month and the place lays 208,65 pts profit with an average return of approx. 11 points per month. These selections can of course be fully automated with the use of a betting bot.

Recent Statistics

Below are some recent statistics and numbers from Donkey Lays.

pfeilsmall Strike Rate WIN LAYS 85%
pfeilsmall Strike Rate PLACE LAYS 60%
pfeilsmall Longest Winning Run: WIN LAYS 37
pfeilsmall Longest Winning Run: PLACE LAYS 13
pfeilsmall Longest Losing Run: WIN LAYS 3
pfeilsmall Longest Losing Run: PLACE LAYS 8
pfeilsmall MONTHLY AVERAGE PROFIT £2,676.00 (26.76pts)


£50,857.00 (508.57pts)


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