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pfeilsmall 01/11/2018 Kilbarry Way WON
pfeilsmall 01/11/2018 Ozzies Way WON
pfeilsmall 01/11/2018 Eight And Bob 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/11/2018 Seddon WON
pfeilsmall 03/11/2018 Coeur Sublime WON
pfeilsmall 04/11/2018 Eclair De Beaufeu 3rd
pfeilsmall 06/11/2018 Crooks Peak WON
pfeilsmall 09/11/2018 Elysees WON
pfeilsmall 09/11/2018 Weather Front WON
pfeilsmall 11/11/2018 Good Boy Bobby 3rd
pfeilsmall 11/11/2018 Apples Jade WON
pfeilsmall 11/11/2018 Terrefort UP
pfeilsmall 11/11/2018 Acey Milan 2nd
pfeilsmall 12/11/2018 Epatante WON
pfeilsmall 13/11/2018 Mercy Mercy Me 2nd
pfeilsmall 14/11/2018 Poli Roi WON
pfeilsmall 14/11/2018 My Sister Sarahr 2nd
pfeilsmall 15/11/2018 Notebook 2nd
pfeilsmall 16/11/2018 Chosen UP
pfeilsmall 17/11/2018 Tokay Dokey WON
pfeilsmall 18/11/2018 Getaway John 3rd
pfeilsmall 19/11/2018 Style De Garde WON
pfeilsmall 19/11/2018 Renwick WON
pfeilsmall 21/11/2018 Pacific De Baune WON
pfeilsmall 22/11/2018 Miss Chevious Girl 3rd
pfeilsmall 22/11/2018 Capeland WON
pfeilsmall 24/11/2018 Espoir De Loire 3rd
pfeilsmall 24/11/2018 If The Cap Fits WON
pfeilsmall 25/11/2018 Defi Bleu WON
pfeilsmall 26/11/2018 Danny Kirwan 2nd
pfeilsmall 26/11/2018 Thomas Campbell WON
pfeilsmall 27/11/2018 Duhallow Gesture 2nd
pfeilsmall 28/11/2018 Mengli Khan WON
pfeilsmall 01/12/2018 Champagne Platinum WON
pfeilsmall 02/12/2018 Apples Jade WON
pfeilsmall 03/12/2018 Acey Milan UP
pfeilsmall 03/12/2018 Royal Claret WON
pfeilsmall 04/12/2018 Commodore Barry WON
pfeilsmall 04/12/2018 Skandiburg WON
pfeilsmall 05/12/2018 Quri 2nd
pfeilsmall 05/12/2018 Mr Whipped WON
pfeilsmall 05/12/2018 The Big Bite WON
pfeilsmall 06/12/2018 Scarpeta WON
pfeilsmall 06/12/2018 Kloud Gate WON
pfeilsmall 07/12/2018 Eclat De Star 2nd
pfeilsmall 08/12/2018 Eldorado Allen UP
pfeilsmall 08/12/2018 Lalor 3rd
pfeilsmall 09/12/2018 Tornado Flyer WON
pfeilsmall 09/12/2018 Brewinupastorm WON
pfeilsmall 09/12/2018 Getabird WON
pfeilsmall 10/12/2018 Outofthisworld 2nd
pfeilsmall 12/12/2018 Know The Score WON
pfeilsmall 12/12/2018 She Mite Bite UP
pfeilsmall 13/12/2018 Birds of Prey 2nd
pfeilsmall 14/12/2018 Kloud Gate WON
pfeilsmall 16/12/2018 Battleoverdoyen WON
pfeilsmall 16/12/2018 One For Rosie 3rd
pfeilsmall 17/12/2018 Collooney 2nd
pfeilsmall 17/12/2018 Monsieur Lecoq WON
pfeilsmall 18/12/2018 Face The Facts 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/12/2018 Doncesar De Pretot 2nd
pfeilsmall 20/12/2018 Well Above Par 2nd
pfeilsmall 20/12/2018 Sporting Press UP
pfeilsmall 21/12/2018 Vinndication WON
pfeilsmall 22/12/2018 Honeysuckle WON
pfeilsmall 26/12/2018 Sir Egbert 2nd
pfeilsmall 26/12/2018 Lord Yeats WON
pfeilsmall 26/12/2018 Getabird 2nd
pfeilsmall 26/12/2018 Presented Well WON
pfeilsmall 26/12/2018 Kupatana UP
pfeilsmall 27/12/2018 Kalashnikov 2nd
pfeilsmall 29/12/2018 Limini 3rd
pfeilsmall 29/12/2018 Delta Work WON
pfeilsmall 30/12/2018 Birds of Prey 2nd
pfeilsmall 30/12/2018 Posh Trish WON
pfeilsmall 01/01/2019 I Cant Explain 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/01/2019 Vamanos 3rd
pfeilsmall 01/01/2019 My Sister Sarah WON
pfeilsmall 01/01/2019 Roaring Bull WON
pfeilsmall 02/01/2019 Johnbb WON
pfeilsmall 02/01/2019 Sebastopol 3rd
pfeilsmall 03/01/2019 Capone WON
pfeilsmall 04/01/2019 Clarendon Street WON
pfeilsmall 05/01/2019 Kapcorse WON
pfeilsmall 08/01/2019 Two For Gold WON
pfeilsmall 10/01/2019 Uno Mas WON
pfeilsmall 10/01/2019 Desirable Court WON
pfeilsmall 10/01/2019 The Some Dance Kid WON
pfeilsmall 10/01/2019 Brecon Hill WON
pfeilsmall 12/01/2019 Chaparral Prince 2nd
pfeilsmall 12/01/2019 Caravation 2nd
pfeilsmall 13/01/2019 Lord Yeats 2nd
pfeilsmall 14/01/2019 Umndeni UP
pfeilsmall 15/01/2019 Magic Of Milan 2nd
pfeilsmall 16/01/2019 Baddesley Knight WON
pfeilsmall 16/01/2019 Harambe UP
pfeilsmall 19/01/2019 Before Midnight WON
pfeilsmall 19/01/2019 Downtown Getaway WON
pfeilsmall 20/01/2019 The Holy One WON
pfeilsmall 20/01/2019 Ask Ben WON
pfeilsmall 20/01/2019 Destrier WON
pfeilsmall 20/01/2019 Printing Dollars WON

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