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103 Tips 60 WON 34 Placed

pfeilsmall 01/10/2021 Vultan WON
pfeilsmall 03/10/2021 Hello Judge UP
pfeilsmall 06/10/2021 Punxsutawney Phil WON
pfeilsmall 07/10/2021 Sergeant WON
pfeilsmall 07/10/2021 Grace A Vous Enki 2nd
pfeilsmall 08/10/2021 Fissa 3rd
pfeilsmall 14/10/2021 Quartz Du Rheu WON
pfeilsmall 17/10/2021 Impulsive One 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/10/2021 Sergeant 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/10/2021 Botox Has UP
pfeilsmall 18/10/2021 Royaume Uni WON
pfeilsmall 24/10/2021 Jumping Jet 3rd
pfeilsmall 24/10/2021 Mon Frere WON
pfeilsmall 25/10/2021 The Player Queen WON
pfeilsmall 26/10/2021 Mr Glass WON
pfeilsmall 29/10/2021 Zanahiyr WON
pfeilsmall 04/11/2021 Rainyday Woman 2nd
pfeilsmall 04/11/2021 Broomfield Burg 2nd
pfeilsmall 04/11/2021 Elle Est Belle 3rd
pfeilsmall 07/11/2021 My Mate Mozzie WON
pfeilsmall 08/11/2021 Midnights Legacy 2nd
pfeilsmall 09/11/2021 Siroco Jo UP
pfeilsmall 10/11/2021 Hermes Boy 2nd
pfeilsmall 11/11/2021 Moonamacaroona 2nd
pfeilsmall 11/11/2021 Honneur Dajonc WON
pfeilsmall 14/11/2021 Magic Daze WON
pfeilsmall 14/11/2021 I Like To Move It WON
pfeilsmall 15/11/2021 Soft Risk WON
pfeilsmall 15/11/2021 Bill Baxter WON
pfeilsmall 15/11/2021 Kyntara 3rd
pfeilsmall 17/11/2021 Hartur Doudairies WON
pfeilsmall 17/11/2021 Queens River 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/11/2021 The Bosses Oscar 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/11/2021 Puffin Bay WON
pfeilsmall 18/11/2021 Betty Baloo 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/11/2021 Royal Pretender 2nd
pfeilsmall 19/11/2021 Chanceux WON
pfeilsmall 20/11/2021 Jazz King 2nd
pfeilsmall 20/11/2021 Jeremy Pass WON
pfeilsmall 20/11/2021 Bravemansgame WON
pfeilsmall 23/11/2021 Sure Touch 2nd
pfeilsmall 27/11/2021 Brief Times WON
pfeilsmall 29/11/2021 Lebowski WON
pfeilsmall 30/11/2021 Calidad UP
pfeilsmall 01/12/2021 Nurse Susan WON
pfeilsmall 02/12/2021 In Rem WON
pfeilsmall 02/12/2021 Malinas Island 2nd
pfeilsmall 05/12/2021 Ferny Hollow 2nd
pfeilsmall 09/12/2021 Donny Boy WON
pfeilsmall 09/12/2021 Paso Doble WON
pfeilsmall 09/12/2021 Pay The Piper WON
pfeilsmall 11/12/2021 Blue Lord WON
pfeilsmall 11/12/2021 Threeunderthrufive WON
pfeilsmall 15/12/2021 Rainyday Woman WON
pfeilsmall 18/12/2021 Soft Risk WON
pfeilsmall 18/12/2021 Journey With Me WON
pfeilsmall 20/12/2021 Gerico Ville 3rd
pfeilsmall 21/12/2021 Wells Glory2nd
pfeilsmall 26/12/2021 Otoole WON
pfeilsmall 26/12/2021 Creative Control 3rd
pfeilsmall 27/12/2021 Harbour Lake WON
pfeilsmall 28/12/2021 Galopin Des Champs WON
pfeilsmall 29/12/2021 Teahupoo WON
pfeilsmall 01/01/2022 Hors Pisteo 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/01/2022 Hidor De Bersy WON
pfeilsmall 01/01/2022 Gamaret 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/01/2022 Socialist Agenda WON
pfeilsmall 06/01/2022 Classic Getaway 2nd
pfeilsmall 10/01/2022 Dr T J Eckleburg WON
pfeilsmall 11/01/2022 City Chief 2nd
pfeilsmall 13/01/2022 Green Vault WON
pfeilsmall 14/01/2022 Frere Darmes WON
pfeilsmall 15/01/2022 Ree Okka WON
pfeilsmall 15/01/2022 Threeunderthrufive WON
pfeilsmall 16/01/2022 Bob Olinger WON
pfeilsmall 22/01/2022 Jonbon WON
pfeilsmall 27/01/2022 Symbol Of Light WON
pfeilsmall 29/01/2022 Vienna Court 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/02/2022 La Prima Donna UP
pfeilsmall 03/02/2022 Famous Bridge UP
pfeilsmall 04/02/2022 Kyntara 2nd
pfeilsmall 09/02/2022 Swinging London WON
pfeilsmall 09/02/2022 Ile De Jersey WON
pfeilsmall 09/02/2022 Galop De Chasse WON
pfeilsmall 09/02/2022 Lakota Warrior UP
pfeilsmall 09/02/2022 Hms Seahorse WON
pfeilsmall 10/02/2022 Eureka Creek WON
pfeilsmall 10/02/2022 Gentleman De Mee WON
pfeilsmall 10/02/2022 Ash Tree Meadow 2nd
pfeilsmall 13/02/2022 Triple Trade 3rd
pfeilsmall 14/02/2022 Miss Fairfax WON
pfeilsmall 15/02/2022 Cousu Main UP
pfeilsmall 17/02/2022 Hors Piste WON
pfeilsmall 17/02/2022 Barony Legends 2nd
pfeilsmall 19/02/2022 Grivetana UP
pfeilsmall 19/02/2022 Goshen WON
pfeilsmall 22/02/2022 Ile De Jersey 3rd
pfeilsmall 23/02/2022 Burning Victory WON
pfeilsmall 23/02/2022 Message Personnel 2nd
pfeilsmall 25/02/2022 Harpers Brook 2nd
pfeilsmall 26/02/2022 Icare Allen WON
pfeilsmall 27/02/2022 Nassalam WON
pfeilsmall 28/02/2022 Masked Crusader WON

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