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BACK AND WIN – 2 Services 1 price – We virtually guarantee a WINNER every day.

The ‘Fire and Forget’ and the Top Rated ‘Sure Certs’ daily selections are selections created from both previous racing form and personal horse racing knowledge. The Fire and Forget selections are based on the most reliable and best rated favorite’s running on the day, from the UK and Ireland. These selections are so reliable, they virtually guarantee a WINNER every day. The Top Rated ‘Sure Certs’ are a spin off from the daily selections, giving out the Top 4 rated horses running on the day. For ‘Stop At A Winner’ fans, this is definitely a blessing in disguise.


November Results

pfeilsmall 1st November NO BET
pfeilsmall 2nd November WON
pfeilsmall 3rd November WON
pfeilsmall 4th November WON
pfeilsmall 5th November WON
pfeilsmall 6th November LOST
pfeilsmall 7th November WON
pfeilsmall 8th November NO BET
pfeilsmall 9th November WON
pfeilsmall 10th November WON
pfeilsmall 11th November WON
pfeilsmall 12th November LOST
pfeilsmall 13th November WON
pfeilsmall 14th November WON
pfeilsmall 15th November NO BET
pfeilsmall 16th November WON
pfeilsmall 17th November WON
pfeilsmall 18th November WON
pfeilsmall 19th November WON
pfeilsmall 20th November WON
pfeilsmall 21th November WON
pfeilsmall 22th November NO BET
pfeilsmall 23th November WON
pfeilsmall 24th November WON
pfeilsmall 25th November WON
pfeilsmall 26th November WON
pfeilsmall 27th November WON
pfeilsmall 28th November WON
pfeilsmall 29th November NO BET
pfeilsmall 30th November WON
Detailed Results

Recent Statistics

Below are some recent statistics and numbers for both services. Both services are highly successful and perform with brilliant results. If you like having a good flutter throughout the day, then the ‘Fire and Forget’ selections are preferred, however, if you are looking to win your money, and then close the computer down, the ‘Sure Certs’ are without any doubt the best selections to be used. Either way, as long as you follow the advice and the staking plan, you should not lose, whichever selections you follow.

pfeilsmall STRIKE RATE – Fire & Forget


pfeilsmall WINNING DAYS – Fire & Forget


pfeilsmall LOSING DAYS – Fire & Forget

ONLY 27 losing days since August 2015!!!

pfeilsmall STRIKE RATE – Sure Certs


pfeilsmall WINNING DAYS – Sure Certs


pfeilsmall LOSING DAYS – Sure Certs


pfeilsmall Fire & Forget – Longest losing run in a day

6 losing selections
pfeilsmall Fire & Forget – Worst WINNING odds ever The odds of 1/4
pfeilsmall Fire & Forget – Best WINNING odds ever The odds of 7/2
pfeilsmall Fire & Forget – Maximum WINS in one day 6 selections winning in one day

I’m sure you will agree, there aren’t many services operating in this country that can boast about such a reliable and successful strike rate of 99%, and I’m sure as you read that, you have heard it all before, and I’m sure you have instantly become suspicious and skeptical about the service? Well, the proof is always in the pudding, and there is only one way to find out, and that is to try the service.

If it’s Winners you want on a daily basis, especially for those who like to carryout staking plans, then this is the service for you.

It cannot be stressed how genuine this service is, and what results it produces. On average it produces three winners a day, and just as clients expect, we go out of our way to ensure you receive good honest and professional racing information that will see your profits grow substantially over a short period of time.

With this service, you will be advised from start to finish on what to do, and within days you will be winning money and gaining considerable confidence in both the service and the daily selections.

In comparison to other services available on the market, who allegedly provide outstanding information, but sadly fail to live up to their words, and are also charging the earth, producing inconsistent and poor results, Fire and Forget will rapidly outclass them all.

Thankfully with our service, you will get the results, along with a very competitive subscription plan, that will outlive all other services.

Make a change to your daily betting, stop wasting time and money, and join today.


The current price for the service is just £3 for 7 days.

When you click READY TO GET STARTED? JOIN NOW! below you will be taken to the payment page to set up your subscription. Our services are strictly limited as to ensure the integrity of and value of the information. If the “Join Now” button is deactivated, email us, and we will contact you when a place is available.

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