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This service gives you bombing tips to become a successful bettor. It brings you the best betting tips as well as a professional betting approach with a brilliant strategy that will give you the chance to make big profits! Expertly analysed and researched tips from a real PRO!

March Results

58 Tips 33 WON 18 Placed

pfeilsmall 01/03/2024 Ballybentragh 2nd
pfeilsmall 01/03/2024 I’d Like To Know WON
pfeilsmall 02/03/2024 Blood Destiny WON
pfeilsmall 02/03/2024 Journey With Me 3rd
pfeilsmall 04/03/2024 Looking As You Are WON
pfeilsmall 04/03/2024 Aspire Tower UP
pfeilsmall 05/03/2024 Moonstone Boy WON
pfeilsmall 06/03/2024 Baron De Midleto 3rd
pfeilsmall 06/03/2024 Haston Clermont WON
pfeilsmall 07/03/2024 Tortured Soul WON
pfeilsmall 07/03/2024 Inisherin WON
pfeilsmall 08/03/2024 Isocrate 2nd
pfeilsmall 08/03/2024 Fine Casting PU
pfeilsmall 09/03/2024 Angostura WON
pfeilsmall 09/03/2024 Real Stone UP
pfeilsmall 10/03/2024 Tactical Affair 2nd
pfeilsmall 10/03/2024 A Penny A Hundred UP
pfeilsmall 10/03/2024 Anti Bredgie WON
pfeilsmall 11/03/2024 Inside Man UP
pfeilsmall 11/03/2024 Playful Saint 2nd
pfeilsmall 12/03/2024 State Man WON
pfeilsmall 12/03/2024 Gemstar 3rd
pfeilsmall 13/03/2024 Ballyburn WON
pfeilsmall 13/03/2024 Inedit Star 2nd
pfeilsmall 14/03/2024 Brighterdaysahead 2nd
pfeilsmall 14/03/2024 Max Of Stars 2nd
pfeilsmall 15/03/2024 Bluegrass WON
pfeilsmall 15/03/2024 Galopin Des Champs  WON
pfeilsmall 15/03/2024 Its On The Line 2nd
pfeilsmall 16/03/2024 Heritier De Sivola WON
pfeilsmall 16/03/2024 New Image WON
pfeilsmall 17/03/2024 Loup De Maulde WON
pfeilsmall 17/03/2024 Wise Guy 2nd
pfeilsmall 17/03/2024 Romeo Magico WON
pfeilsmall 18/03/2024 Livin On Luco 2nd
pfeilsmall 18/03/2024 Two Stori WON
pfeilsmall 19/03/2024 Lady Of Spain WON
pfeilsmall 19/03/2024 Arcturian WON
pfeilsmall 20/03/2024 Excelero WON
pfeilsmall 21/03/2024 Malaita WON
pfeilsmall 21/03/2024 Tortured Soul UP
pfeilsmall 22/03/2024 Regatta De Blanc 2nd
pfeilsmall 22/03/2024 Galunggung WON
pfeilsmall 23/03/2024 Rainbow Trail WON
pfeilsmall 23/03/2024 Mywayofthinkin 2nd
pfeilsmall 25/03/2024 Lightening Mahler WON
pfeilsmall 25/03/2024 Classic Maestro WON
pfeilsmall 26/03/2024 Beneficially Yours WON
pfeilsmall 26/03/2024 Loup de Maulde WON
pfeilsmall 27/03/2024 El Granjero WON
pfeilsmall 27/03/2024 Abraaj 3rd
pfeilsmall 28/03/2024 Imperial Alex WON
pfeilsmall 28/03/2024 Electric Mason 2nd
pfeilsmall 29/03/2024 Oorne 3rd
pfeilsmall 29/03/2024 Albasheer UP
pfeilsmall 30/03/2024 Mr Bramley WON
pfeilsmall 30/03/2024 Duke Of Deception WON
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Recent Statistics

Below are some recent statistics and numbers from Maximum Bets.

pfeilsmall  STRIKE RATE

Constantly between 60% – 70%




21 Bets


11 Bets

You can refer to these tips as either MAXIMUM selections or TRUE FAVOURITES. I say that, as the selection process weeds out the majority of the false favourites, which we witness every day in racing.

There isn’t much I can say about these selections apart from mentioning their exceptional reliability. These selections have a winning percentage strike rate of approximately 65% to 70%, with winning Starting Prices inclusive of up to 16/1.

As you can imagine, these selections are not every day, they are as and when a selection becomes available, and that is dictated by my strict selection process.

As far as value goes, people believe value is in a horse’s starting price, and not the ability of the horse. I’m not saying that is wrong, but I’m a great believer that value is in what the horse can do in terms of its capability and if it can win, and obviously if it goes on to win, that to me is amazing value, as you have had a return on your money, and this is exactly what these selections do, and that is exactly why you are here, for the horse to give you a great return on your money, when you back them.

The genuineness and reliability of them is absolutely amazing, and you will see that over the coming days, right from the start.

These selections will be available at an introductory/ trial price, in which they are advertised at on the Probetting Club website for the first 6 months. Once the trial is over, the price of them will increase, as the value of them is quite phenomenal.  With that, there will be a strict number of subscribers, and the places will go to the loyal personnel who purchase the selections during the first 6 months of trialling.

Take a look at the previous results since the start of the year, I’m sure that alone will help you decide whether you wish to subscribe to these selections or not. Once you have viewed the results, I am sure you will be able to decide which type of staking plan you would like to use.


The current price is just $39 per month or $89 per quarter.

When you click READY TO GET STARTED? JOIN NOW! below you will be taken to the payment page to set up your subscription. Our services are strictly limited as to ensure the integrity of and value of the information. If the “Join Now” button is deactivated, email us, and we will contact you when a place is available.

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